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SIM Only Technology: Feel Free to Move With Desired Operator

SIM only is nothing new today for the cell phone users. This technology has added a new dimension to the telecommunication world and has opened the free world for the cell users. This technology has given much more flexibility to the users as users are not bound to change the cell phone if he or she wants to change SIM or operator.

SIM only refers to an agreement between the users and operators regarding only the SIM card. This means users are now allowed to change SIM card without changing the mobile phone. Earlier users had to change their cell phone if wanted to change the operator or SIM. But now if you are willing to move from one provider to another it’s very easy and requires you just to buy a new SIM card with a new package which match your requirements.

Best SIM only deals offers two types of payment methods. One is pay as you go and another is pay monthly. Pay as you go indicates that you have to pay only according to your usage, no use no pay. But the pay monthly method indicates that you will have to pay a monthly bill even if you don’t use the connection at all. Generally the pay monthly package offers cheaper call rate than the pay as you go package.

Presently almost all the mobile operators including O2, Orange, 3mobile, Vodafone, T mobile are offering different SIM only deals. You can find numbers of website over the internet to compare the deals to find out the pros and cons of each of them. As everyone wants liberty, this has made a tremendous value to the customer expertise.

SIM only technology has come with a view to give the cell phone users a bit more flexibility and freedom than ever before.

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