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Short prom dresses

Short dresses one piece in the closet of every woman who helps us feel feminine, sexy and sometimes elegant.

The dresses are generally representation of femininity, but be careful with short dresses, and exhibiting much of our body, it must have good legs to look good or at least look a little long dress .

On many occasions, we face the question of what footwear to use for a particular dress or occasion.

The truth is that there are no written rules to be complied with and work for all cases, although there are some considerations that we must consider for a great look.

Make sure your wedding dress has an appropriate length. There’s no way you’re a lady if your dress is too short. A good rule of thumb is that the dress should go beyond your fingertips.

If the fingers of your hands can touch your bare leg without bending your body then it may be too short dress.

Also, if you are looking for short evening dresses, make sure you cover your ass well and that your underwear is not exposed.

Remember, it may be enough long in the front, but it may lack a little in the back.

This time we bring different short dresses for you to use in any occasion. For formal events you can use a chiffon dress or those with embroidery and beading.

But for informal events such as an outing with friends, you can use those print dresses, elegant gowns with a thin belt at the waist and with a simpler design. Do not forget that dresses for formal occasions you wear them with heels.

Curvy women should use: semi-fitted styles that show your curves gently; preferably looking models that emphasize your waist. A perfect example are the dresses style “wrap”. Since you yourself can adjust the waist, you have cleavage and is not vulgar. Looking dresses that have low cleavage line (no exaggeration), like a shoulder and strapless. To see thinner, show some skin: legs or cleavage.

Curvy women should avoid: The dresses too loose or too tight; both can give the effect you have a few extra kilos. Dresses that will fit tightly around the waist.

Women who have short torso and long legs to use: straight dresses or you can also use short dresses tight to your body; but if you want to distribute your proportions a bit to your torso, neck looking “silly”. This type of neck substantially lengthens the torso. All eyes directed towards the top of your dress in some detail. Keep the length of the dress around the knee to avoid: Too Short dresses make you look disproportionate or too long.

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