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Evening Dresses For Fat

Whenever I go things for skinny girls, now up to us gorditas, at the request of our fans I bring this arsenal of dresses to gorditas.

Being chubby not mean we can not be sexy and elegant at a party, on the contrary we have more to teach and better fill the dress.

I hope you enjoy this collection of evening dresses to gorditas not forget to comment and share.

Today there are already a variety of models for gorditas girls who want to look good. We all know the problems that women have to get dressed when no sticks, any woman a little plump, albeit with a little bust and have trouble getting one of the most elegant dresses that between.

Like pregnant women, gorditas no excuse for not wearing stylish dresses that make them look great and different, fashion and there goes a long dresses of all sizes so that all feel happy with the body you have.

1. If you have buxom V necklines are best suited; avoiding any kind of ornament at that point.

2. If you have little bust elegant dresses draped strapless with embroidery or up to bust you favor, and the halter neckline or waist type corsette with molded cups.

3. If you have broad shoulders: Avoid very skinny straps and choose dresses or asymmetrical necklines wide straps.

4. If you have thick waist: dresses with waist type Corbett will help you look more acinturada.

5. If you want to use it belt under the bust, not the waist.

6. If you have wide hips avoid embroidered or glued to his hip clothes; A line skirt dresses with empire waist or hips hide.

7. If you are petite avoid those elegant strapless formal gowns or bicolor; you will look faster with a plain dress, one shoulder or halter neckline.

8. If you’ll look great high dresses in patterned fabrics, necklines and strapless dresses with waist of a skirt color and another.

9. Keep your decks thicker parts. If your thighs are thick not use miniskirts or shorts.

10. The bare heel sandals will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

11. The black color makes you look slimmer, but that does not mean Debas always dress as if you were at a funeral.

The secret of this color is not in itself the dark be, the reality is that one hue dress gives the appearance of having a better proportioned body.

12. Do not use horizontal lines, vertical chooses to stylize your figure. The horizontal stripes give the visual effect of spaciousness.

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